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Proec Energy Ltd. is one of India's leading supplier of Oilfield Chemicals catering to the Oil & Gas, Mining, Refractories and Speciality Chemicals industries worldwide. The company operates in the niche area of Drilling Fluid Additives, Cementing Additives, Production Chemicals and Commercial Chemicals for the Oil and Gas Industry worldwide with primary market focus on the Middle East, Far East, Africa, India and Europe. With experience gained over the last ten years, PROEC has secured an excellent reputation as a reliable partner for international service companies supporting the Oil & Gas industry.

Proec has emerged as a major player in the Oilfield Chemicals industry by contributing to each customers successful operations through unique and personalized customer service and operational excellence in all operational environments.

The company has extensive manufacturing capabilities in the production of powder and liquid chemicals for the above applications that are used as bridging agents, shale stabilizers, filtration control agents and seepage & lost circulation materials.

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  • Drilling Additives

    Deflocculants Thinners and Dispersants
    Filtration Control Agents
    Shale Stabilizers
    Weighting Agents

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  • Cementing Additives

    Calcium Chloride
    Silica Flour - Fine and Medium
    Superfine Fly Ash
    Fumed Silica

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  • Commodity Chemicals

    Aluminium Stearate
    Caustic Soda
    Caustic Potash
    Citric Acid
    Hydrated Lime
    Soda Ash

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  • Production Chemicals

    Fast Hydration Guar Gum

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  • Polymer

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"To be a global oilfield chemicals company providing world class products & services, customized manufacturing, information technology support and R & D services to our customers."

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