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Facilities and Infrastructure

Processing Units

Proec has three processing facilities designed to manufacture a variety of approved Oilfield Chemicals using proprietary manufacturing processes.

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Proec Energy is committed to achieving, maintaining and exceeding excellence in managing all of the Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental (QHSE) aspects of our operations.

Our Quality, Health, Safety & Environment, (QHSE) Values set out our commitments in these areas. Together with more detailed guidelines and procedures, they form a binding framework. The QHSE Values define protection of people and the environment as central elements of our activities. We strive for a steady improvement in our QHSE performance.

Our QHSE Values form the basis for policies and objectives which are used to manage QHSE throughout Proec Energy. The legal conformity of these regulations was validated by an external appraisal in 2015.

The processing units are responsible for implementing the relevant regulations. Implementation is checked, for example, through regular audits at site and regional level. The Corporate office conducts additional cross-unit audits to check compliance with the company’s regulations. Building on the findings of internal and external monitoring processes, site inspections, reviews and incident analysis, talks are held on the scope for improvement, and implementation of the agreed measures is monitored.

100% percent of production Facilities are covered by Environmental Management systems that have been validated as conforming to ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001

Proec Energy shall diligently work towards achieving the following:

Proec Energy adheres to the guiding principles of all its ISO certifications which are: