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Facilities and Infrastructure

Processing Units

Proec has three processing facilities designed to manufacture a variety of approved Oilfield Chemicals using proprietary manufacturing processes.

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Proec Energy has full equipped testing facilities in all its plants for QA and QC purposes. Equipped with the latest and the most reliable testing equipment, our quality systems ensure that our products are well tested at each stage of Manufacturing and shipped to customers only if all required parameters are met.

All the products produced have unique batch numbers to ensure traceability of products. Samples from product shipped to customers are retained by the respective labs as a reference point for technical support purposes. Documentation carried out is of the highest standards and as per the company’s QMS system.

Our R&D team works closely with our manufacturing units and our customers to design products which outperform existing Oilfield products in the market and are cost effective using local raw materials. From product design and development to performance testing, from incoming raw material inspection to in-process and final testing, everything is done following the most detailed Quality Plans.

We spend close to 2% of our Sales Revenue in Research and Development activities. Our development teams are active in all of our product areas and for expansion into different product verticals.

Our Drilling fluids products cover various areas of operations such as Oilfield, Horizontal Drilling and Shale Gas. Each of our products is designed keeping in mind the customer’s specific end use and the required performance at the most competitive prices

Each of our testing and R&D Facilities are ISO Certified and approved by major customers for reliability and accuracy.

PROEC's laboratory technicians perform industrial quality assurance tests required by our customers. These include:

Customer Reporting Services

Raw Material Inventory Levels, Packaging Inventory Levels, Finished Good Inventory Levels, Lot Number Traceability, Production Date, Weight Verification, Certificate of Analysis with Each Batch

Technical Solutions

Our expert technical capabilities enable our customers to view us as their technology partner. Why? Because we are able to perform complex testing and analysis in-house, and provide you with critical answers faster, so that you can select and customize the best chemistries for your project. With a new state-of-the-art technology lab at our corporate office in New Delhi, India, fully staffed by our team of experienced scientists and chemists, we can deliver unmatched research and development expertise, as well as customized technical solutions to help support all your unique product development needs. In fact, we can customize all of your products to meet your needs, because we manufacture them to your specifications.