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Facilities and Infrastructure

Processing Units

Proec has three processing facilities designed to manufacture a variety of approved Oilfield Chemicals using proprietary manufacturing processes.

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Drilling Additives


Essential additives which establish the right carrying capacity to move cuttings and other debris away from the drill bit, help maintain the correct pressure in the borehole, and lower filtration. In addition, while mud circulation is stopped, e.g., to add drill-string, a flat gel strength is produced which maintains cuttings in suspension, avoiding blockage at the drill-bit.

We offer a range of viscosifiers varying molecular weight, ionicity, and product form to address different requirements

Sodium Bentonite, as per API 13A section 9
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Non-treated Bentonite, as per API 13A section 10
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Attapulgite, as per API 13A section 12
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Guar Gum 3500 CPS
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Xantham Gum - Dispersible
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Hydroxyethyl Cellulose Polymer
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