Facilities and Infrastructure

Processing Units

Proec has three processing facilities designed to manufacture a variety of approved Oilfield Chemicals using proprietary manufacturing processes.

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Disposable Food Service Ware

Plastic Plates
  Range Size Material Color Packaging
Specifications - Round 12 OZ and 16 OZ 6”, 7”, 9”, 10.25” HIPS Clear, White, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Licyate, Sky blue, Pink Polybag, Shrink, Customized
Specifications - 3 Divisions   6" upto 10.25" HIPS White, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Licyate, Sky blue, Pink Polybag, Shrink, Customized
Specifications - Oval   10” and 12” HIPS Clear, White, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Licyate, Sky blue, Pink Polybag, Shrink, Customized
  Variants Material Color Packaging
Specifications 6 Divisions, 9 Divisions Round, 9 Divisions Rectangular, 12 Divisions Round HIPS White Polybag, Shrink, Customized
  Size Material Color Packaging
Specifications 05 Oz & 12 Oz HIPS White, Red, Blue, Yellow. Polybag, Shrink, Customized
  Range Size Material Color Packaging
Specifications 100 ml to 550 ml 7 OZ, 9 OZ, 10 OZ, 12 OZ, 16 0Z HIPS, PP Clear, White, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Licyate, Sky blue, Pink Polybag, Shrink, Customized

PP Sheets & Food Grade Bags

    Butcher Sheets

  • Polypropylene butcher sheets ranging from 8 to 40 microns.
  • Produced from food grade

    Food Grade Bags: Specification

  • It is made from only high quality virgin material.
  • An additive which is recommended by the buyer can be used.
  • Plain Bread bags can be made and packed in the boxes.
  • They are generally packed in a dispenser boxes.
  • Ranges from 15 to 40 microns

HDPE Shopping Bags (Flat & On Roll)

    Carrier Bags

  • High Density and Low Density Polyethylene carrier bags.
  • Available with patch handle, loop-handle and moulded handles.
  • Process print upto 12 colours.

    Polypropylene Bags ( Ready to use sizes)

  • Plain and printed bags for applications ranging from garments to utility products like Compact Disks and Stationary.
  • Re-sealable bags.
  • "Crystal" - 1 kilogram ready to use sizes - bottom weld.

    Fresh produce bags and knot bags ( T-shirts bags on roll)

  • Blocked or on roll.
  • Thickness ranging from 8 microns and above.

    Specifications Shopping bags on roll

  • It can be made from both virgin and recycled material.
  • Thickness from 16 to 45 microns.
  • They are available in Draw-string bags-on-roll; Star-Sealed and C- fold.

    T-Shirt Shopping Bags

  • It is made by virgin Polymers.
  • It is used to carry the shopping goods.
  • The bags can be printed (up to six colors) as bespoken.
  • It generally ranges from 8 to 60 microns.

    Vest Type Carrier Bags

  • High Density Polyethylene bags available in any size, micron and colour.
  • Dotted embossed or plain bags.
  • Printing upto 12 colours.

Garbage Bags

    Garbage Bags

  • Garbage bags can be made out of virgin or recyclable plastic.
  • Sacs can be produced flat or on rolls.
  • Various colours from black to blue to yellow.
  • Customized packing like caton packing or carrier type packing

    Refuse Sacks

  • Black Garbage Bags.
  • It is made from recycled material.
  • It is used by the catering, cleaning industry as well as by public institutions like councils and universities.
  • It ranges from 20 to 70 microns.


  • Flush-top Garbage bags
  • Drawstring
  • Tie-Handle
  • Co Extruded rubble Sacks
  • Rubble Sack Specs:
  • It is made from the recycled Polymers.
  • It is used in the construction to carry debris and rubble.
  • It generally ranges from 55 to 140 microns.
  • The sacks can be co-extruded (two colors) to give them better strength.
  • Garden Sacks
  • Freezer Bags
  • Scented Bags
  • Clear Sacks:
  • It is made from a special blend of virgin and recycled material.
  • Generally used in the hotel and catering industries.
  • It is available in both loose packed and bags on-roll.
  • Generally ranges from 20 to 80 microns.
  • It can be co-extruded for better strength

    Colored Sacks

  • It is made from a blend of recycled, virgin & colored master batch
  • It is used by the superstores for their in-house waste.
  • It generally ranges from 25 to 50 microns.

PP & HDPE Woven Bags

    Used to pack cement, fertilizer, food grain & seeds, sugar chemicals,
    Bale covers geo-textile.

  • Width from 16" to 48"
  • Mesh : from 8 X 8 to 13 X 13
  • Denier : from 700 up to 1200 length : as per requirement
  • Top: hemmed/ heat cut/ valve/ zig-zag cut.
  • Bottom : single fold single stitch
    1. single fold double stitch
    2. double fold double stitch
    3. double fold single stitch printing : 4 colors
  • Lamination : PP ON PP, LDPE ON : HDPE
  • Color: as per customer requirement.
  • Uv : as per requirement

Jumbo Bags / FIBC

    Flexible intermediate bulk containers, also known as bulk bags or big bags are cost effective container solutions made up of a flexible fabric.

Rigid PVC Films

Proec Energy Ltd. is one of the oldest and leading manufacturer of Rigid PVC Films in India. Rigid PVC Films is a versatile packaging material used for various packing applications. The product is easy to use as against other plastic substrates… its characteristics such as clarity, formability at lower temperatures, easy printability make it a product of convenience. We must include that Proec Rigid PVC Films are food certified under EU and REACH norms and have been certified safe for use in FOOD, PHARMACEUTICAL PACKING DRINKING WATER APPLICATION.

We must state that Proec Films are available in

Widths : Upto 1200mm
Thickness Range : 150 -800 microns
Colours : All Transparent, Translucent, Opaque Colours
Surface Finish : Gloss/Gloss, Gloss/Matt

Available in Roll Form & Sheet Form